An SB3 can work without the WLAN card installed but then you can only
use a wired connection.  

You can test the problem SB3 to see if WLAN card is anything to do with
45 min problem. If you remove the SB3 WLAN card, move the problem SB3 
and connect with cable to router and possibly use headphones to listen. 
Check if 45 min problem recurs.  If it does then it is a mainboard or
PSU problem.  

I can't think why a bad SB3 should cause the reboot of another SB3
unless (i) shared the same IP address or (ii) they were on the same
electrical circuit but that is very unlikely.

The user joemuc2009 has done a lot of repairs on various Boom and
Transporter SB player (his blog is here
). Perhaps you could PM him and see if he has seen this problem before.

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