AndyTwizzle wrote: 
> As I stated in my original post, I have no problem with any CDs at all -
> they all play perfectly in my digital collection having been converted
> into Apply Lossless ALAC using iTunes.  It's the gapless albums
> downloaded from iTunes that have momentary gaps in between tracks.
> What confuses me is that both ALAC and AAC files have the same file
> extension of .m4a - so shouldn't LMS and Squeezeboxes handle them in the
> same way?  Plus my ALAC files are CD quality, and therefore much larger
> in file size, yet they play gaplessly perfectly fine - yet AAC files
> have smaller file size and can't seamlessly handle gaps.  All very
> confusing!

1. ALAC and AAC are different audio encodings.
2. M4A is a a complicated standard with many options for a file format -
but there dozens of ways the AAC or ALAC contents can be put into the
file. For example metadata and indexed to file can be at the start or at
the end.  Some choice of options in the M4A file format do not suit
streaming (i.e player is only given a little bit of the file at a time
starting at the beginning unlike an iPod or PC based player which can
see the whole file when starting to play) 

Best option is to get a M4A analyser and find the difference between the
good and bad files and convert the bad files to a LMS friendly version
of M4A (i.e audio content doesn't change just the M4A file format).

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