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> What should that achieve? And what do the other stream type options do?

For the AAC exemple it would NOT send AAC to the players it would pick
one of the remaining alternatives (in qualaity order and if the player
supports it)

It would then try to send FLAC and doing that by using faad/flac helper
apps and then convert the sound to flac on the server .

For ALAC it would try to use faad/sox .

These are just a list of options for how the server could handle each
file formats. And it would chose the "best" option for a given
It would naturally pick "native" first if the player supports the format
by or otherwise it would choose to transcode to a format the player can
deal with.
In 99 of use cases you should not change this.

In you case we want you to deliberatly disable native playback of AAC
and ALAC to see if the server does a better jobb with gaps as its
decoder migth be better.
So the server (your NAS) will transcode the stream to FLAC a formats
thats very well fsupported on th Touch .

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