pinkdot wrote: 
> That would trigger transcoding on your nas. Something you don't want
> according to bpa.
> IMO, the best option here would be to find the CD's where gapless
> playback is wanted.
> Convert these files to FLAC. 
> This way your nas doesn't have to do any transcoding, and FLAC is
> supported natively by all your squeezeboxes.
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As I stated in my original post, I have no problem with any CDs at all -
they all play perfectly in my digital collection having been converted
into Apply Lossless ALAC using iTunes.  It's the gapless albums
downloaded from iTunes that have momentary gaps in between tracks.

What confuses me is that both ALAC and AAC files have the same file
extension of .m4a - so shouldn't LMS and Squeezeboxes handle them in the
same way?  Plus my ALAC files are CD quality, and therefore much larger
in file size, yet they play gaplessly perfectly fine - yet AAC files
have smaller file size and can't seamlessly handle gaps.  All very

My setup:
- LMS 7.9.1-166 running on Synology 213air connected to Wi-Fi router
  via LAN cable
- 1 x Squeezebox Touch, 2 x Squeezebox Radios, 1 x Squeezebox Receiver
- all connecting over Wi-Fi
- LMS library either ALAC Apple Lossless (scanned in on iTunes) or
  ACC/M4A 256kbps downloads from iTunes
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