Hi all,
so i am a long time user of the SBT (must be over 6 years currently
with EDO) i have used it with lots of the tweaks back in the day then i
just factory reset it and found it didn't really make much difference to
my ears! i have also used it with a few cheaper DACs(leema, MF & a few
other sthat slip the memory).
So i would just like to upgrade my system and i am at a bit of a loss
where to start options are high end DAC a Streamer(and move my trusty
SBT to a different room).

Current system is Sbt>Vincent SV-129 integrated>Usher 520s (& X-718s
when i fancy a change) 

I don't really want to change the amp as it was the last major upgrade
was when i went from a bi amped roksan amplification and although much
cheaper the Vincent kicks the roksan caspian a$$(i have also used T+A,
Linn 140s, Leema with Dac, Peachtree with Dac, & nuforce amps in the
past 6-7 years).

so its the source i am looking at

any suggestions welcome

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