ralphy wrote: 
> It's located at
> /tmp/tcloop/pcp-jivelite/opt/jivelite/share/jive/jive/InputToActionMap.lua
> in pcp, but it's read only.  You need to copy it as I described in that
> post.
> The set_preset_*N* keys map to HOLDING the function keys F*N* however
> the InputToActionMap.lua file only includes a mapping for setting preset
> 1 with a "standard key press".
> To set presets 2-6 you have to press and hold the corresponding function
> key.
> The number keys play a preset, if a value has been set.
> Note that although lms supports 10 presets for each player from 0-9 both
> jivelite and squeezeplay only support setting 1-6 thought the keyboard
> interface, which is what lirc uses to communicate with jivelite.

Thanks Ralphy, that should still work for me. 

Am I able to set a preset to play a favourite?

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