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Bryan Richter <br...@snowdrift.coop> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have taken a full-time job in Portland, so effective immediately I
> am "just another" Snowdrift volunteer. Yay! Now I can continue to
> help out the project without being a big, immediate expense for the
> organization while its cash flow is so miniscule. Of course, my time
> will be much more limited, and I will have to engage even more via
> email/forum/bug tracker/other non-realtime means. But I'm still
> around.
> I think my focus will probably shift towards writing documentation,
> standards, and guides for Snowdrift code. Facilitating more volunteer
> contributions has always been one of my accountabilities — now I'll
> just make it my main effort.
> Of course, this is all flexible.
> :)
> -Bryan
> p.s. the job is with Formal.tech, a spinoff of Galois Inc, and it's
> Haskell to the max (for now).


Thank you so much for all of the effort that has gone into getting
Snowdrift here!

Will you still be able to make the Monday meetings or another rtc
check-in day/time?


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