Hi Nelle,

thanks for you tips to Leighton.

> - Make sure your material are accessible (in that case, readable with
> a screenreader). Schema should be avoided. Text is fine. Most pdf are
> accessible, most *simple* html is as well, but fancy javascript can be
> problematic.

I have the feeling that our online lessons aren't 100% accessible
and having them 100% accessible is something that I'm in favour
even if we need to raise the contribution bar a little.

I don't have a screenreader and I failed to setup the speech-to-text
last time that I tried. If you could ask one of your friends for 20-30
minutes to have a look on any sessions/topics of our lessons,
for example, http://swcarpentry.github.io/shell-novice/03-create/,
or http://swcarpentry.github.io/python-novice-inflammation/06-func/,
and email me all the issues I will record the issues on GitHub
and try to address them for our next release.

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