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Il 12 ottobre 2016 21:28:37 CEST, ha scritto:
>Koozali team,
>About this :,52675.0.html
>Sorry but this is not me or one of my students, or one of my friends.
>STOP thinking that I care about the Koozali team. I do not have any
>interest in your activities !!!
>You are just a group of childrens playing with something too much
>complicated for you !
>You already know what I think about your team (stefano, dani, hfwang,
>You are the cancer of this software and you don't need anyone else to
>create conflicts, you are so good for that ! 
>Now it's time for you to forget me and to find another super villain to
>justify your inefficiency.
>Remember, I asked you something and you answered me with insults, then
>even if I find it funny :
>Sorry again, but I am not your bug in the machine !
>I do not salute you,
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Discussion about project organisation and overall direction
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