Xavier, can you please simply leave this community. It's for the better to all of us. Merci.

On 13/10/16 19:05, smeserve...@free.fr wrote:
Dear John,

Your culture is so light that you feel the need to use it in all your 
mail...then do you remember how was the end of life of Henri II?
He finished his life in delirium with a huge fever !

What are you John, président or not président of Koozali ?

Koozali seems not to have any existence, maybe another delirium of a fallen 
king !

Now let me live away of your inculture !

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On 13 October 2016 11:15:57 CEST, smeserve...@free.fr wrote:
You are completely paranoaic and schizophrenic !

And you are a pathological bore. Please go away.

"Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?"

Henry II

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