You are completely paranoaic and schizophrenic !

What could be my interest ? I have no time for that !

Everyone around me has the order to not communicate with your group even if we 
resolved many of your bugs. It is simply impossible to communicate with guys 
crazy like you !

You want to accuse me publicly as you used to do in the past !

What are your evidences ? Show to the world how much you are nuts !

In the same time, show to the world how you really are, publish the activities 
report and the financial reports of your foundation !
Show us how much you are not really honest and that you are lying to all !

What is your bilan heading the project :
- size of the community,
- communication activities (social networks, web sites,....)
- number of download
- new features
- new developers
- etc...

During the last year, the last two years and the last three years you didn't do 
anything except generate more and more conflicts with every one !

Nobody want to help you anymore, your forum is visited by less than 100 persons 
per day and the list of bugs is more longer than ever!

* What will you do with IPv6?
* Did you really understand how you should configure Squid?
* Did you really understand what you could do with json?
* Did you try to localize the login screen using formmagick?
* Etc...

Stefano, but not only, you are just a parasit, a coucou and the community has 
no other choice than accept it !

Finally I don't understand what you are trying to do one year after I left, 
leave me in peace !


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De: "Stefano Zamboni" <>
Envoyé: Jeudi 13 Octobre 2016 10:26:54
Objet: Re: [discussion] Bug in the machine

Come on, Xavier Ansoult, don't be shy, show to all of us how do you 
really are when you write to other people

Now we know that either tomi and teo are you.. trolling, again.

have a nice day.


On 12/10/2016 22:11, wrote:
> Well I'm happy for you but I really don't care...and I don't know italian 
> language !
> You are just stupid enough to keep on having the same behaviour, year after 
> year, with everybody !
> For your information, Teo is not me !
> XA
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> De: "Stefano Zamboni" <>
> À:,
> Envoyé: Mercredi 12 Octobre 2016 21:32:45
> Objet: Re: [discussion] Bug in the machine
> Thank you, now we are sure it's you. :-)
> Il 12 ottobre 2016 21:28:37 CEST, ha scritto:
> Koozali team,
> About this :,52675.0.html
> Sorry but this is not me or one of my students, or one of my friends.
> STOP thinking that I care about the Koozali team. I do not have any interest 
> in your activities !!!
> You are just a group of childrens playing with something too much complicated 
> for you !
> You already know what I think about your team (stefano, dani, hfwang, etc...) 
> You are the cancer of this software and you don't need anyone else to create 
> conflicts, you are so good for that !
> Now it's time for you to forget me and to find another super villain to 
> justify your inefficiency.
> Remember, I asked you something and you answered me with insults, then even 
> if I find it funny :
> Sorry again, but I
>   am not
> your bug in the machine !
> I do not salute you,
> Xavier.A
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