I have spent the last two weeks or so away from home, a sort of "refugee".
My first-class "refugee camp" did have Internet access, but not Hebrew
support, so I was unable to read most of the traffic on this mailing list.

When I came back to Haifa and read all the messages I missed, I was really
surprised that there was no discussion about the assembly, which supposedly
is TOMORROW, August 6th. Is this assembly still on? I don't see it mentioned
in the Hamakor website. And most importantly, how come nobody (as far as I
saw) nominated themselves for board and just one person (as far as I saw)
nominated himself for comptroller?

All the people who complained, and still complain, that the Amuta's board
aren't doing enough, well, listen to this: You may be right. However, the
fact that members do not bother to nominate themselves is NOT the board's
fault - each of us (the memebers) are to blaim for not doing anything.
People who care enough to actually do something themselves (and not just
complain on a mailing list) can actually nominate themselves for board, and
make a real difference in the Amuta. *YOU*, as a board memeber, can have
almost full control on the directions that the Amuta will take over the
next year.

If there are not enough (>3) candidates for board on these elections, I don't
know what will happen. It might very well lead to the immediate dissolution
of the Amuta. Is this really what we want to happen? Do we really have no
use for the Amuta any more??

So, any candidates?


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