What we need now are people who come up and say "I nominate myself", not
those explaining why they don't. We already have enough of those...

But sadly, your explanations are based on false assumptions:

On Sat, Aug 05, 2006, Omer Zak wrote about "Personal Beef (was: Re: Assembly 
> However, I was concerned about accessibility i.e. being able to FULLY
> participate in board discussions.  My cash flow situation also did not

This board, as well as the previous board, held almost 100% of their
deliberations online, using email and IRC, and hardly ever held any phone
calls or physical meetings (I think the number of physical meetings was
exactly zero). Your hearing problem would not have mattered one iota when it
comes to board discussions.

> Few weeks ago there were heated arguments about accessibility of a movie
> to be produced from AP5, and I saw that several people won't support

Omer, you obviously disagree with the board's decisions in this matter.
Now is not the time to rehash whether they made a correct or wrong decision -
now is the time to stand up and say "I would have made a better decision"
and to nominate yourself for board.
As a board member (if the two others agree with you, of course) you would
have had the power to make decisions, not just suggestions, regarding that
movie that troubled you.

> [To be fair, I must note that I got also supporting E-mail; however it
> came from very few persons.]

Anyone nominating themselves for board should be prepared: some of your
decisions are not going to supported by 100% of the people. Since people
don't tend to send mails saying "I agree with you", but somehow love to
send mails saying "you're stupid, you should have done THIS instead",
you're going to get a lot of nasty mail. Unfortunately the outgoing board
got so much of that it became really disgusting. It seems that as the Amuta
grows, dealing with "professional complainers" appears to come with the job
of board member :(

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