On Sun, Aug 06, 2006, E L wrote about "Re: Personal Beef (was: Re: Assembly 
> Hey,
> I think the lack of intrest in the topics that will go on the meeting shows
> more than anything the tiredness of people.
> In general this is a pretty bad time for originizing a meeting, people are
> in miluim, some people are far away from home, and some just doesn't
> want to get to ta right now and leave their families far away.
> Anyhow since I won't be able to attend the meeting tomorrow, I will like to
> go to yadid state if possible in order not to ruin the majority needed.

Eli, for those of us in the north traveling to Tel-Aviv for these meetings
was never easy, and you're right that now it hasn't got easier for some
of us, and some of our members are completely unavailable (drafter or
refugees). But I don't think that's the issue. If I knew that today's meeting
was going to be an important meeting, I would spend the 6 or so hours it
will take me (include travel) for this important cause (yes, I see the Amuta
as an important cause, even if some of us forgot why).

BUT, looking at today's agenda, the most important part of which are elections
with one candidate (Shlomi) for six positions (comptrollers and board), what's
the point for me to come? Even if we do get quorum - and I seriously doubt
that - what will we do - vote on the Amuta's dissolution? Vote on accepting
the only 6 people who come as the new board and comptrollers?

So unless someone can convince me otherwise, and people start nominating
themselves for board, I doubt I will come to today's meeting :(

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