On Sat, 2006-08-05 at 11:13 +0300, Nadav Har'El wrote:
> People who care enough to actually do something themselves (and not just
> complain on a mailing list) can actually nominate themselves for board, and
> make a real difference in the Amuta. *YOU*, as a board memeber, can have
> almost full control on the directions that the Amuta will take over the
> next year.

Here it is the time to raise my personal beef.

During the last year, I was considering several times taking more active
part in directing Hamakor.  At the time there were several arguments in
this mailing list about future directions of Hamakor, and I participated
and wrote my opinions.

However, I was concerned about accessibility i.e. being able to FULLY
participate in board discussions.  My cash flow situation also did not
permit me to fully finance the accessibility provisions needed by me (a
notetaker or interpreter to accompany me to meetings).

Another activity to which I did not volunteer due to concerns about
accessibility (to committee discussions and in access to information)
was leading the AP5 effort (an activity, which Shlomi Fish eventually
took upon himself, and then I joined to help him).

Few weeks ago there were heated arguments about accessibility of a movie
to be produced from AP5, and I saw that several people won't support
accessibility and making the effort to fully include hearing-impaired
people, if it could hurt them in a non-trivial way; and that they would
not accommodate my request for more effort toward including me in
certain activities, even if I put in more effort to volunteer to benefit
the entire community.
[To be fair, I must note that I got also supporting E-mail; however it
came from very few persons.]

This caused me to feel like 2nd class citizen in the community.
Accordingly, I decided to be 2nd class citizen all the way.

So, I reduced my involvement in the community and in AP5 organization to
the minimum required to meet my obligations to other people with
disabilities.  Among other things, I am now yadid rather than a voting
member and I do not plan to come to the Assembly.

                                         --- Omer
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