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> Hmm... where to start.
> At least BSD side, a lot of people *are* LGBT. Most people are quiet
> about their personal life so I won't advertise that fact, but at least
> Kirk McKusick (author of BSD FFS, FreeBSD) is very open about his
> relationship with Eric Allman (author of sendmail).
> Is it surprising that they get upset if you spew hatred against LGBT
> people?

I don't advocate unjust hatred against anyone. 

> Eric S. Raymond has to ask himself why he hasn't needed to know that
> contributors are women. My own name is unambigiously female. If
> you've seen a single commit or reply by me, you already know that I'm
> probably a woman.

Usually on github/etc. I see a username and a pseudonym and sometimes a small
user pic (which like mine at https://github.com/shlomif is not my real face). I
received some issue reports and pull-reqs from ppl (and some requests for
assistance via email) and some of them had feminine names but I normally was
not sure. I didn't care this way or the other too much.

(Also see https://www.shlomifish.org/meta/FAQ/#guy_or_girl .)

> In a tight-knit community, it's really hard to miss big aspects about a
> person. I know my friends are gay because they mentioned their partners
> names which were unambigiously gendered. They also go together to
> conferences. I know my friend is trans because she discussed the travel
> difficulties following changing her legal documents.
> What happened is that Linus Torvalds finally realized that when he
> sends an email to the Linux mailing lists, there's at least a few
> hundred readers.
> It would be far more beneficial to the project if he toned it down
> with the abuse.
> Seeing another person abused is like hearing your dad scream at your mom.
> Yes, you're not the one taking the abuse, but it makes your home life
> miserable.

I wrote this mostly unpublicised post -
about two months before Linus' announcement calling for a community with a more
friendly and respectful conduct. I didn't refer to the pandora box of
racist/sexist/affiliation discrimination or insults (which I do not accuse
Linus of ever succumbing to) just general personal attacks.

> I've been rude to others as well and it has occurred to me that as one
> of the loudest people in NetBSD, I make a big difference in the overall
> tone in discussions. I'm replying to hundreds of bugs made by people who
> otherwise see little interaction with developers. If their experience is
> positive and they are treated with respect, they are more likely to make
> an effort in the future. It's my obligation to the project to leave and
> calm down when I get upset.

I agree. See what I wrote at
https://twitter.com/shlomif/status/1021089751741419521 . There are also some
great tips here:

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