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Omer Zak <w...@zak.co.il> wrote:

> Hi Shai,
> In Shlomi's E-mail message, which preceded your reply, there were two
> links.
> One link was a warning against being alone with females during
> technical conferences, because of the risk that they might set one up
> for a sexual assault accusation. This warning is valid not only in
> technical conferences but also in other situations unrelated to Free
> Software. It had nothing to say about whether female software
> developers are technically inferior to male software developers or
> vice versa.

Sorry. If ESR, and I hate to say, also Shlomi and yourself, weren't
biased, you would have realized that the warning is BS (consider: is it
more or less dangerous for you to be alone with a man at a conference?
A gay man? A Person of Color? What if two people conspire to blame
you? "The warning: Never be anywhere in a group of less than five, is
valid!"). I have yet to see a single piece of confirmed evidence of
anything like that ever happening. I repeat: The warning is NOT valid.

> The other link was about acceptance of pull requests from people with
> more diversity points even if those pull requests do not have
> sufficient technical merit to be accepted based upon their technical
> merit. ESR does not know to this day which label/s does
> 'djangoconcardiff' have, such as what is its gender.
"djangoconcardiff" was a troll -- at least in the sense that the account
never made any contribution anywhere, other than the dubious
contribution mentioned there. Treating it as representative of anything
is, again, showing the kind of bias that I blame ESR of having and am
warning you not to fall for.

Robert Rosario -- like ESR -- thinks that the proper treatment of
blundering newbies is "tough love". When people suggest that there are
more productive ways to handle blundering "newbies", these people stump
and grump and call people names.

When people point at the low participation of women in open-source
projects, ESR says "meritocracy!" and ignores both the higher barriers
women need to cross, and the potential gain to the community from all
that lost talent.

Please don't be like that.
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