bluebeeryale wrote: 
> For starters, if we’re all having the same part failure, seems like not
> the best idea to use identical board unless there is some improvements.
> Many reports of a tiny smoked resistor (which looks to be the issue with
> mine too), so, I’m not totally confident on the design. 
> I agree though it would be nice to have the same board fit into the
> screw holes. And 2.3amp is plenty of power given at full load my
> Transporter drew under 1.7a
> Then there’s the matter of a 8.5GBP device that I cannot get a price for
> shipping from UK to USA without registration, and it’s likely to cost
> several times that of the PS itself to get it to Texas. From Amazon, I
> can probably get same day delivery on one that produces the same 5vDC
> regulated and would work just fine. 
> What am I missing?
> Oh, and that we have an 8mo old baby so time is super precious, I’m
> definitely motivated to get this repaired and buttoned up and off my
> desk quickly. ;-)

The board lasts roughly 6 to 10 years. I don't think anyone here has had
a failure less than 6 years. As for cost, yes it is pricey. IMO, I'd
either fix it or buy the original. Who knows what another design is or
isn't going to do.

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