Did that.  I transferred the SD card with the fresh pCP6 setup from my
4B 1GB to my 4B 4GB, with no other hardware attached except my button
PCBs, and the buttons are erratic on the 4B 4GB.  Switched everything
back over to the 4B 1GB, and the buttons work flawlessly.

So it's something about the 4GB device itself.  Off the top of my head
the possible differences I think of are:
1) The 4GB has an updated bootloader installed - the one which knocked a
couple of degrees off the CPU temperature.  I might see if I can find
the original one and put it back on.
2) It's conceivable that I've damaged the 4GB somehow.
3) Could the different amount of memory have any effect?  Is there any
other hardware difference between a 4GB and a 1GB?

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