chill wrote: 
> 1) The 4GB has an updated bootloader installed - the one which knocked a
> couple of degrees off the CPU temperature.  I might see if I can find
> the original one and put it back on.

Wait, I was getting mixed up.  I've done two things to this 4B 4GB.
1) I updated the bootloader so that the halt command would leave GPIO3
able to restart the device.  See 'here'
This was just a text edit on the original bootloader, and can be undone
just by reloading the original bootloader.
2) I uploaded the new firmware to help with the temperature a bit.  See
This one can be undone by reloading the original firmware from the zip

It's not obvious why either of those changes would affect the
reliability of the GPIO pins, but I'll try reverting both of them

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