On Monday, September 2, 2013 6:39:09 AM UTC+2, Curtis Maloney wrote:
> Whilst it's conceivable  some cache backend will have the smarts to 
> multiplex requests on a single connection, I suspect that's more the 
> exception than the case.


> Obviously, the default would be one per thread.

This is what the pylibmc backend does already and memcached should do too; 
the db backend is per thread too since it uses Django's db connection. We 
might wanna supply a building block so that not everone has to implement 
their own variant of the threadlocal stuff :)  [Locmem and filebased 
shouldn't cause any issues either way and can stay as they are I think]

Of course, that could be simplified by just always creating a new instance 
> when more than just a name is provided. [or a "force new" keyword is 
> passed].

I wonder how common it is to supply more than just the name to get_cache 
(aside from tests maybe), I am +0 for making get_cache return "cached" 
instances for a single name and construct new ones for the other cases (+ a 
force keyword if someone really wants the old behavior).


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