One platform that only supports up to Python 3.4 ElasticBeanstalk with 
Amazon Linux. A few months ago they said they were going to release a new 
AMI, but that hasn't happened yet.

I'm personally happy seeing support for 3.4 dropped and possibly just 
waiting a few months to upgrade to Django 2.0. But the staff at the AWS 
popup lofts have been saying that they look at the number of support 
tickets in deciding when to cut new AMI releases, so if other people care 
about this then maybe it would be a good time to start filing tickets.

On Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 10:12:57 AM UTC-5, Tim Graham wrote:
> When I drafted the 1.11 release notes in May, I wrote, "The next major 
> release, Django 2.0, will only support Python 3.5+."
> Our Python version support policy is "Typically, we will support a Python 
> version up to and including the first Django LTS release whose security 
> support ends after security support for that version of Python ends."
> Python 3.5's EOL is September 2020 which I think is sufficiently close to 
> Django 1.11's EOL of April 2020 that we could say Django 2.0 is Python 
> 3.6+. The alternative is not to drop Python 3.5 compatibility until Django 
> 2.2 LTS which is supported until April 2022. I don't see much advantage to 
> that. Any objections?
> p.s. There is already a ticket suggesting to take advantage of a Python 
> 3.6 feature:
>* - *django.utils.crypto 
> should use secrets on Python 3.6+

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