Hi all,

Lately I've run into ticket 27910[1], which asks for Python Enums to be
usable for generating choices in Django model (and form) fields. This
ticket was closed Wontfix because the original suggestion did not offer
any way to handle translated labels. However, after the ticket was
closed, Tom Forbes brought up a suggestion for a suitable API;
regretfully, AFAICT this suggestion was never discussed here, and (at
least on the ticket) Tom hasn't shared his implementation.

Inspired by his description, I came up with an implementation[2] that is
simple -- less than 20 lines of executable code -- and I think has a
lot of nice properties. I think this can make choices-related code
significantly more elegant.

May we please reopen the ticket?


[1] https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/27910

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