Hi Tom,

On Mon, 31 Dec 2018 18:26:14 +0000
Tom Forbes <t...@tomforb.es> wrote:

> I was describing my django-choice-object library[1] and forgot to
> link it!

Thanks, I took a look -- the library looks nice, but notably, Choice
objects are not Python enums, although they share some of their traits.

> I would be +1 on re-opening it, I've used enums for this before and I
> find it much more DRY than the more 'standard' Django way.


> Perhaps we could reduce some boilerplate here by somehow automatically adding
> the key names to gettext?

This, I'm afraid, won't fly. The way xgettext (the engine used by
makemessages) generates the translation files is by scanning the text
of source files, looking for specific function calls, and picking their
arguments with a simple text transformation. So, for the key name to
somehow be identified, it must be a parameter in a function call (not
the target of assignment), and the form to be translated must be the
form that's in the source -- no changing capitalization, or
underscores-to-spaces, or anything of the sort. So, the best we could
do to minimize repetitions would create Choice classes looking like

        class SchoolYear(Choices):
                choice('Freshman', 'FR')
                choice('Junior', 'JR')

where the choice() calls add members to the class, and the name of the
member is generated by some transformation over the label. That,
IMO, would be unacceptably unpythonic.

Have fun,

> 1. https://github.com/orf/django-choice-object

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