As of now, I haven't seen any existing Django contributors who are planning 
to propose a project, therefore I don't think it's worthwhile for the DSF 
to apply for this summer. The decision to apply on behalf of the DSF is up 
to Carlton, Mariusz, or another potential mentor.

On Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 6:24:36 AM UTC-5, gaurav jain wrote:
> One Idea i have a one command django project maker to instead having 1+n 
> commands(n number of apps) and linking them in setting we can have command 
> take the number of apps and app_names in ine do and then later we can add 
> functionality for heroku ,docker etc
> On Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 8:03:55 PM UTC+5:30, Tim Graham wrote:
>> Org applications for Google's Summer of Code are now open (deadline 
>> February 6). Do you think the Django Software Foundation should participate?
>> We haven't had any high quality student applications that we could accept 
>> for the past two years.
>> Perhaps it's partly a function of a poor ideas page (
>> Perhaps we don't 
>> do a great job of publicizing our involvement and attracting high quality 
>> students. Perhaps it's because the student payment isn't all that much 
>> (+/-$6000 USD, depending on student's country)* for the amount of work 
>> involved (also, students have to put in a lot of work up front in their 
>> application, with no guarantee of being accepted into the program).
>> If you have any ideas about mentoring or suggesting a project, or if 
>> you're serious about being a student (you should start contributing to 
>> Django now if you don't already), please share.
>> *

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