Hi Shrikrishna, 

Not so much a ticket… See the thread I linked. There’s a lot of info there. 

The first step (I think) is a proof-of-concept JSONField for SQLite — we have 
the other three DBs. 

So taking a look at the implementation of the existing fields and SQLite’s API 
for the JSON extension, should lead you to be able to put together the first 
draft of some thoughts as to how we’d go forward. 

Have a rummage in `contrib.postgres` (and the Oracle and MySQL examples). How 
do the equivalent lookups look in SQLite? (HasKey, ContainedBy, and so on.) Any 

A rough breakdown here would be a good starting point. 

>From there, there are lots of people here who know a lot about this stuff 
>(more that me). 

I’m wondering about Florian’s point about scope. I don’t know much about GSoC, 
so I don’t know what they’d require. 
(The other wish-list item for me is a cross-DB ArrayField, but I haven’t even 
begun to look what the support is like there, if any at all.) 

Kind Regards,


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