Hi Abhilasha, 

There's any number of ways you could go... 🙂


Have a look at Simon Willison's Datasette project. 

In particular see the various ...-to-sqlite tools listed here: 

If you can get that far then the existing `inspectdb` tool can get you to 
model files. 

No doubt you could improve the workflow but that should give you some guide 
to get started. 

Kind Regards,


On Thursday, 7 February 2019 12:34:21 UTC+1, Abhilasha Jha wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was thinking if a feature could be added to Django models, such that 
> when the CSV/ text or any other commonly used data file is added to the 
> project and the models are automatically created and populated. I have not 
> tried to go through nitty-gritty of the feature, but am thinking of doing 
> this and contributing to Django, and needed some guidance on same.
> Thanking you
> Abhilasha

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