> Xavier,

Thank you for the  response. I do agree it does a great job introducing 
various parts of the framework. However, most people don't master things at 
the first read, and they need to refer back at least once or twice until 
they use them and feel comfortable. Until then, the topics and api sections 
are not quite beneficial because they provide you with ALL the options and 
you do not know the ramifications, you don't want to deal with ugly error 
messages that you don't know where they come from just yet, so you are wary 
to try (you still want your hand be held little longer). So you remember 
your old friend 7-step tutorial, but that goes from low grain to high 
grain, which is to the contrary of your work flow.. you want to go from 
high grain to low grain (e.g., from ModelViewSet in part 6 to 
ListCreateApiView or individual Mixins in part 3).

Being honest, I read through the tutorial about twice, did not follow 
through actually doing it. If I did, it would stick better, but I don't 
think end result would differ. It is hard to refer back to. 

I think it would be better if it flowed seamlessly from the quickstart, 
with something like "OK now you got the simplest and most generic use case, 
if you need more customization here is step 2, here is step 3.. kind of. 

You may be right some people may feel comfortable too early and not 
appreciate the rest of the tutorial, but it would be easy to redirect if 
they complained. 

Have a good one. 

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