Le 09/08/2017 à 22:46, Joel Roth a écrit :

I think that any articles that interest people in
exploring this part of their Linux systems can only
be good.

Edward Bartolo wrote:
Using this 'resource' will do a disservice to Devuan. Anyone serious
enough to read it will get the wrong impression that Devuan is some
'amateur' distribution not worthy of wasting professional hours on it.
Scientific and technical text must at all costs avoid opinionated
writing but this resource does the opposite. As said earlier, there is
no objective comparism between the different inits.

Despite what the author claims, this series of pages isn't about init. It is mostly about supervision and a little about containers. It assumes both are usefull, with no argumentation to motivate supervision. Confusion about init, supervision, and containers typically suggests that the author has been contaminated by systemd propaganda.

Also I don't like the style of this series of explanations; there is little content within a lot of decoration and structure. Clearly the author has tried all these supervisors but his explanations could be more detailed.


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