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Joel Roth <jo...@pobox.com> wrote:

> Edward Bartolo wrote:
> > Using this 'resource' will do a disservice to Devuan. Anyone serious
> > enough to read it will get the wrong impression that Devuan is some
> > 'amateur' distribution not worthy of wasting professional hours on
> > it. Scientific and technical text must at all costs avoid
> > opinionated writing but this resource does the opposite. As said
> > earlier, there is no objective comparism between the different
> > inits. 

> Edward,
> I think that any articles that interest people in 
> exploring this part of their Linux systems can only 
> be good.

True, but before promoting this bare outline resource, people should
be referred to resources such as my Manjaro Experiments, Rich
Felker's ewontfix.com/14 and ewontfix.com/15,
http://troubleshooters.com/linux/diy/suckless_init_on_plop.htm, and if I
had time probably 30 other excellent articles that give a clearer
definition of what most people mean by a "supervisor", and more
generally accurate priorities in init system composition.


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