Le 10/08/2017 à 16:22, Jamey Fletcher a écrit :
Le 09/08/2017 à 22:46, Joel Roth a écrit :
      Despite what the author claims, this series of pages isn't about
init. It is mostly about supervision and a little about containers. It
assumes both are usefull, with no argumentation to motivate supervision.
Confusion about init, supervision, and containers typically suggests
that the author has been contaminated by systemd propaganda.
      Also I don't like the style of this series of explanations; there
is little content within a lot of decoration and structure. Clearly the
author has tried all these supervisors but his explanations could be
more detailed.
And the answer is...

Take what he's written, add in your thoughts, more clearly specify the
differences between inits, supervisors, hypervisors, and containers, and
write up your own explanation.

One thing I might suggest, since you think his explanations could be more
detailed, is do a short explanation for each section, kind of an executive
summary, and then add in a section closed up initially for more detail for
those who need it.

I thing you're taking me wrong. I don't claim I know the matter better that the author. He studied all these supervisors in some detail; I didn't. I just say he failed to explain things in an educative way - and it seems to me doesn't consider it worth.


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