On 05/26/2018 04:57 AM, Nate Bargmann wrote:
* On 2018 26 May 00:24 -0500, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
I'm looking at it this way, Devuan is an alternative to systemd and Trinity
is an alternative to plasma and I strongly feel systemd and plasma are
married to each other

I am running Slackware Current (similar to Debian Unstable) on a laptop
with Plasma5 packaged by alienbob and no systemd in sight.  Plasma5 is
quite clearly capable of full functionality on a system completely
lacking a systemd installation.

- Nate

Hi Nate! alienbob is a workaholic, every group needs one. I've parted with Patrick, he's a fun guy to hang with and I love Slack and I have installed Slack a few times and Patrick has installed it for me too while at kde4 release at google. I wish I was using it, but I have disabilities that keep me from being much of a keyboarder and I'm very thankful for point-n-click linux and Debian apt.

Nate do you know if kde from Slackware can be ported to Debian or Devuan? Something like that would be a blessing for a kde user.

Plasma has packages who's names end with D and all are related to systemd and do systemd service even when systemd is not there and they are being started with any init system you are using, they can be removed, but you have to find the buggers first. Life today is a struggle to be without systemd.

Like other people I have been playing with removing systemd for a long time, but only the last month did I get serous about leaving systemd completely, as a linux tester it was a hard choice to make and now I see there is a real war going on to keep systemd out of your OS.

You should spend a week with Trinity and see all the things that you are missing in Plasma. KDE3 is a award winning desktop both Unix and Groupware compliant and very configurable. I've added a snapshot of my Ceres system, enjoy. https://paste.pics/36KUG

Jimmy Johnson

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