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> Quoting Steve Litt (sl...@troubleshooters.com):
> [tips about dhclient and resolv.conf:]
> > Thanks for the good info.
> Delighted to help.
> There's also an interesting thing called 'resolvconf' -- actually, a
> couple of separate implementations of the idea.  It's a piece of
> software that actively manages the contents of /etc/resolv.conf
> according to a set of rules you tweak.  

I've finally gotten around to documenting this stuff, for my
Linuxmafia.com Knowledgebase -- in part so I don't have to go around
hunting down my past mailing list postings any more.  ;->


I _believe_ that my tip on that page's section 3 about managing the
nameserver line in resolv.conf if using dhclient is correct, and what I
posted earlier isn't, but would be interested to hear from people
testing that and the other instructions.

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