On 25/05/2018 13:07, Oliver Freyermuth wrote:
I fear the following is a design issue of DHCPv6, but I wonder if there's a way 
to overcome it with dnsmasq...

When automatically deploying machines via PXE / network installer, there's 
usually first a DHCPv6 client running in the installer,
and afterwards (when the machine is installed) the "real" DHCPv6 client running 
on the machine.
Naturally, both will usually have different client DUIDs...

The partial solution to this, without any dnsmasq hackery OR DHCPv6 client fixes, would be to seed the installed image with the duid from the installer. The only issue is if you re-run the installer it will create a new duid - unless it performs a disk scan, finds the installation and then uses it. This is an issue because there could be more than one installed target found, and which to use?

NetBSD installer has been doing this with great success for some time now, no reason why others cannot.


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