On 06/06/2018 09:14, Oliver Freyermuth wrote:
I finally managed to test this in my testing setup - it works perfectly fine!

Awesome :D

Could you let me know once it's integrated upstream?

I *am* the upstream for dhcpcd :)
It will be in the next dhcpcd release for sure.

I plan to open issues for dhclient, systemd-networkd etc. then and could 
reference that RFC6355 is already handled fine
in a very portable way on a wide range of OS by dhcpcd.

In a later step, I'll then ping the debian-installer and kickstart developers, 
since they should also adopt this (I think they use dhclient, but I may be 

It's nice to see that dhcpcd is first on this :-).

Generally, dhcpcd is the first to support new stuff.
Thanks for testing and taking it to other upstreams.


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