On Sat, Jul 27, 2019, at 12:42, john doe wrote:
> Not strictly an answer, but don't forget that Dnsmasq is normaly
> configured using OpenWRT.
> So, if you were able to get everything working previously, there is no
> reason why you can't do it here.
> In other words, OpenWrt might be the culprit and not Dnsmasq.
> --
> John Doe

Well, yes and no. OpenWRT is "just" a Linux distro. The maintainers have 
adopted a very clever configuration scheme that unifies (almost) all of the 
configuration and makes configuration possible entirely through a web-based 

But ... I wrested control of dnsmasq from that schema. I have a very 
conventional dnsmasq setup with my own config files just like I had previously 
on CentOS.

I think its more that all DNS request now pass through dnsmasq, while 
previously I could arrange for some not to. And I'm not clever enough to figure 
out how to tell dnsmasq how to not respond to DNS requests from certain hosts 
on my network without resorting to running multiple instances of dnsmasq.

Art Greenberg

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