Shutting down isn't a problem - it saves checkpoints and you can set how
often (by default you'll lose no more than 15 mins work). Presumably you
get extra security in a container? I'm just running it as installed by
the deb files.

I have given up with GPU computing, especially since the drivers I need
break my games. Those of you with NVIDIA cards will probably fair better.


On 25/03/2020 08:48, Terry Coles wrote:
> On Monday, 23 March 2020 16:47:37 GMT Tim Waugh wrote:
>> In case you haven't seen stories about this elsewhere, I thought I'd share
>> a couple of projects which may help us all out of this mess by harnessing
>> otherwise-idle CPU/GPU time.
>> I'm running the folding@home client in a Docker container on the
>> Linux-based microserver I have at home, using this Dockerfile:
>> You can 'docker run' it with '-p 7396:7396' to be able to see its (simple)
>> web interface.
> Hi,
> I have three PCs here which could run either of these tools; one Linux 
> desktop, one Windows Gaming Machine and one Windows Laptop, now sadly slowly 
> dying from mechanical failures.
> However, only one of these machines could possibly be run 24/7 and 
> unfortunately that's the ancient laptop.  The other two are in bedrooms.  
> What 
> happens to the calculations with these tools if the host is shut-down for the 
> night?  Is everything lost, only the current calculation lost or do they 
> cache 
> the partial result and carry on from there?
> I control two of the above machines and although the gaming one belongs to my 
> son, I should be able to persuade him to run one or the other of the tools, 
> since AIUI, they don't use CPU cycles when the machine is actually being used.
> I did a search of the FAQs on both sites but couldn't find the answer to the 
> shutdown question.
> BTW.  What are the benefits of running these tools in a container as opposed 
> to 
> just installing them?

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