> On Wednesday, 25 March 2020 10:58:56 GMT Tim Waugh wrote:
> > Do you have the boinc-manager installed? There is a graphical interface,

Alas, I don't think my Dell Optiplex 790 is ideal for this work.  When I first 
fired off the Rosetta@Home Biological Project in BOINC the CPU usage rose to 
100% immediately, as reported earlier.  At the same time, the fans wound up to 
full speed which is pretty noisy.

Using lm-sensors and a suitable Module in KSysGuard I monitored the CPU 
temperatures and was extremely perturbed to find them just under 90 Deg C!  
According to Overclockers, this CPU (Intel i7-2600) shouldn't be allowed to go 
above 70 Degs, so I turned the max CPU % and Time down until I could get below 
70 Degs) I found that I had to reduce CPU % to 20% and Time to 50% to get 
anywhere near that!  The fans are much quieter though.

Needless to say, the estimated compute time for each task has increased quite 
a bit.

BTW.  This exercise would have been much easier had I realised that the engine 
part of Folding@Home *had* in fact installed correctly and was running in the 
background.  I had no control over it's CPU usage, because the control module 
hadn't installed.  However, every time the BOINC software reduced it's usage, 
the FAH software grabbed it.....  In the end I found it by looking at max CPU 
when BOINC was supposedly suspended.


                Terry Coles

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