Some of you may remember my earlier queries about setting up a Webserver and 
more latterly a VPN Server for the Wimborne Model Town.  All this has worked 
fine through last Summer.

Over the Winter Maintenance Period, I upgraded the VPN Server to the latest 
Version of RPi OS and pistrong (swanStrong) and after a few issues was able to 
redeploy the server in January this year.  We didn't notice any other issues 
until recently, mainly because the whole network had been rendered 
dysfunctional while the main Network Switch was removed for refurbishment of 
the area around it's location.

Recently, we discovered a problem with the Webserver; it no longer served up 
Webpages!  I brought the Webserver hardware home and connected it to a 
reference model of the VPN Server and a representative site WiFi Antenna with 
a couple of switches.  I've posted a diagram at:


What I have discovered is that the system works if I disconnect the VPN Server 
from the 5-port switch at the server, but not if I disconnect the Webserver 
from the 5-port Switch.  I think that is because when the user uses his device 
to connect to the WiFi Antenna, nodogsplash detects this and that obviously 
needs a connection to the Antenna.

I'm assuming that I should be able to fix this by dropping the connections at 
the VPN Server to the Webserver or vice versa.  However, both devices have 
extensive iptables rules set up which I really don't understand, so before I 
write off to the authors of nodogsplash and / or pistrong can anyone shed any 
light on what is happening and how to fix it?

I can post the rules from the two devices if it helps.


                Terry Coles

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