On Sun, 27 Mar 2022 10:48:00 +0100, Terry Coles wrote:
> Recently, we discovered a problem with the Webserver; it no longer
> served up Webpages!  I brought the Webserver hardware home and
> connected it to a reference model of the VPN Server and a
> representative site WiFi Antenna with a couple of switches.  I've
> posted a diagram at:
> https://hadrian-way.co.uk/Misc/VPN&Webserver_Network_Configuration.p
> df
> What I have discovered is that the system works if I disconnect the
> VPN Server from the 5-port switch at the server, but not if I
> disconnect the Webserver from the 5-port Switch.  I think that is
> because when the user uses his device to connect to the WiFi
> Antenna, nodogsplash detects this and that obviously needs a
> connection to the Antenna.

What is the IP address of the user's device, and how does it get 
allocated to that device?


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