On 27/03/2022 13:16, Terry Coles wrote:
On Sunday, 27 March 2022 13:11:31 BST Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty wrote:
The VPN server doesn't have any rules defined at all, so I'm struggling
to see how it could be interfering with the Webserver.
Being pernickety, the VPN Server does have some rules, they just don't filter

What happens if you have the webserver plugged and and only plug the VPN
server into one side of the simulated network? eg just the office side
or just the guest network side?
The Webserver works.

As mentioned, I think I could add a rule or rules to the VPN Server to
selectively block traffic to and from the Webserver, but I don't want to mess
anything up.

Interesting. Although, the VPN Server isn't used to connect to the webserver, so that shouldn't have any effect AFAIUI.

There's not much risk messing with iptables settings because unless you save them, they won't persist over a reboot anyway. If in doubt, just image the SD card first so you can restore it if anything goes wrong :)


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