On 27/03/2022 11:21, Terry Coles wrote:
On Sunday, 27 March 2022 10:55:55 BST Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty wrote:
I find this difficult to understand - these systems should operate
independently IIRC, especially seeing as they both have their own
independent physical cables to both sides of the network.
I can't understand it either, unless the system has somehow got conflicting
routes that confuse nodogsplash.
I wonder. When I find some time I will read up on how nodogsplash works. In the meantime, hopefully a quick review of the firewall rules will help.

I think it might be useful if you post the rules. There are some tweaks
I'm meant to make to the firewall configuration at some point anyway, so
I might as well familiarise myself with them.
The VPN Server's rules are pretty simple, but the Webserver has a massive



NB: "sudo ufw status numbered" may also be useful if UFW was used to
configure the firewall.
There is no firewall in the sense normally understood.  The VPN Server relies
on seeing the correct User CERT to allow the traffic and the Webserver has the
rules above (I suppose that would be considered a firewall).

Neither device uses ufw.

iptables is a firewall so anything using that is definitely running a firewall.

Can you confirm that the ufw command doesn't return any information?


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