One device not on standby is my router (TalkTalk) which consumes 6 watts, so 
costs about $15/yr in electricity

On 09/07/2022 09:53, Peter Merchant wrote:
I borrowed an electricity power meter  for a few days and went around the house 
measuring everything. A couple of interesting discoveries:

Total standby power of devices in the house  = 28.5 watts  This is sort of  
invalid because the monitors on my 2 tower PC's are on a switch that turns them 
off when the PC is off so their standby power is less then. Also the meter 
seemed to register in increments of 0.5 watts.

My new washing machine consumes 0.5 watts when not in use so have to switch it 
off at the plug in future.

My old gas oven consumes 4 watts all the time - for a clock?

My two Humax PVR's also each consume 3 watts on standby.

In use the PC's consume 49 and 79 watts each, but in sleep/suspend mode about 

The washing machine consumes 0.5watts when it is not in use. This means  1Kw 
every 2000  hours.   2000 hours is 83 days.

365/83.333 = 4.38  Kw/yr.  My current rate is 28.445p/KWh, so it costs me  
£1.25 a year  just leaving it plugged in and not using it.

So just my thoughts on saving some money. A rough calculation gives a cost of 
£62.5  per year keeping the house on standby.


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