On Saturday, 9 July 2022 14:23:13 BST Bob Dunlop wrote:
> I also have solar so a lot of my daytime electric is "free" but I'd
> check your solar standby consumption numbers.  Overnight my solar
> controller goes to sleep consuming <0.5W, it even turns the Ethernet
> interface off.  When it wakes in the morning as the solar voltage rises
> it consumes no more than 10W for the few minutes before it fires up the
> inverter.  57W sounds very wrong.

Well I am measuring at the tails from the panels, using a meter designed to 
measure the house consumption at the incomers, so it may be inaccurate.  I'm 
not sure how I could get a better reading; my Smart-meter In-house Display 
only shows metered energy consumption figures and not outgoing figures and I 
don't know of a convenient way to do it.

The Inverter is a Platinum 3800 or 4200 (I think) made by Diehl.  There is no 
mention of a standby or sleep mode.  Since it was installed in 2011, I assume 
that the design pre-dates that by some years and perhaps they didn't have that 
feature back then.  

> And yeah solar has paid back the investment over the years even if SSE
> has defaulted on the FITS payments this year.  I guess they have
> financial problems and it easy for them to stitch up the small guys.

I've had no difficulty with E-On, although they were a rubbish supplier.


                Terry Coles

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