> On 5 Dec 2017, at 10.20, Paolo <tech-li...@fcr.re.it> wrote:
> Il 04/12/2017 17:37, Michael Slusarz ha scritto:
>>> I think Davide was asking about dsync. If so, the answer is no: dsync
>>> works only when both servers are Dovecot and needs some additional
>>> configuration to work through the network (see
>>> https://wiki2.dovecot.org/Replication).
>> This is entirely incorrect.  The source platform for dsync can be ANY 
>> IMAP/POP server.
>> The recommended tool for migrating into Dovecot is dsync.  You don't need 
>> any other tool, and other tools aren't going to preserve state so they are 
>> pretty much worthless for a real-world in-place migration.
> Entirely?! At most half incorrect. My apologies, I didn't know about the 
> dsync's IMAP feature (I suppose it wasn't there from the beginning).
> This fact still remain: you can use dsync only when dovecot is involved.
> Even so (IMHO) the sentence "You don't need any other tool" is a bit too 
> much. Who ever know all possible use cases in the world?
> Cheers
> Paolo

IMAPC storage driver has been part of dovecot since January 2011:



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