> On 13 Dec 2017, at 18.27, Davide Marchi <dan...@msw.it> wrote:
> Sami Ketola wrote:> We run all our migrations using Dovecot internal dsync. 
> Usually using imapc connector to connect to legacy
>> platform.
>> Wqmi
> Many thanks Wqmi!
> Well, I've read the dsync documentation, but this warning has me a little 
> worried:
> "Make sure destination is exactly as source, deleting/reverting any changes 
> in destination if necessary"

This is when you use the 'backup' option. Dsync then makes 1:1 copy of the 
source. If you use 'sync -1' option, 
it does not delete mails/folders from destination.

> So I followed the Imapsync way, and all works fine.

Sure if you are fine with the imapsync limitations.


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