Hi Kim,

On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 15:15:38 +0100, you [Kim Gräsman] wrote:

}SourceForge didn't have any generic 64-bit available, so we had to
}pick AMD-64 to signify that it was a 64-bit build. We've tested it on
}Intel, as far as I remember, so it should work.

Well, it does...

}Try starting up a command window (start -> run... -> cmd) and CD into
}your temporary "unpack" dir. Then run setupx64.cmd from there and see
}what it outputs.

Ok, I managed to install from the cmd console, but not without some
hassles.  The main problem was trying to do this install without full
admin privileges.  Once that had been sorted away (and ignoring all
the MS threats) the install went smoothly.  However, upon reboot I
lost all keyboard and mouse input (they were wireless).  I tried
replacing them with wired components to no avail.  A hard shutdown was
done, and of course the 'not a proper shutdown' screen appeared upon
startup but after that all appears to be fine.

DQSD looks good blending into the Aero taskbar nicely.  Now once I
have transferred over my personal settings from the old drive I will
be a very happy camper.

Thanks for your patience and help, Kim


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