> Cool, I didn't know that. I was worried that we might be facing
> *another* port to AMD-64 :)
No, no worries there. There are a very few things that one or the other
does slightly differently, and probably only the Intel compiler knows
what they are. AMD64 completely caught Intel by surprise, they were
trying to push everyone to Itanium. And when AMD came out with a very
fast, very compatible, 64-bit processor that MS agreed to support, Intel
basically had no choice but to clone it and play catch up. They've done
a good job of that, but AMD had seriously eaten in to their server
business for a while. 
> No, you don't want to do that; the setupx64.cmd batch file is the
> 64-bit version of the 32-bit dqsd-nnnn.exe installer. They don't
> complement each other, it's either-or.
You're right, I realized that my systems all have weird legacy stuff
hanging around from my early testing days of this. 

The key to Bill's problems were the requirement for full administrative
privileges, I'm sure. (I _thought_ that was called out in the readme,
but maybe not. Have to look.) And the requirement that the setupx64.cmd
file run from the same drive letter as your system drive. (or, more
accurately, as your %programfiles% drive.)
> Sorry to hear about Windows 7. We could look into what's breaking, I
> wouldn't give up so soon... :)
Well, it's going to RC soonish, from the sounds of it. I had it on build
7000 (the widely available public beta build) on a machine that was an
update from Vista where it was working. It loaded fine (but the colours
are all different again, so we need to deal with that), but as soon as
you clicked on it, Explorer crashed. Couldn't even unload it - the
attempt would crash it and it would reload with explorer. 

As I mentioned, the colours are all different in Win7, so we need to
either recreate the work we did for Vista (not hard, but might be a bit
of a nuisance because the bar is a lot taller by default), or come up
with a way to better handle this on the fly, picking up our colours from
the environment. This is especially the case in Win7 since the task bar
changes colour and transparency along with the window theme. (Oh, and
the bar also does the Aero thing just like window boarders do if you
have an aero theme selected.)

But Win7 is the death knell of the task bar as we knew it. It's changed.
A lot. I still think that the way forward is a Vista gadget. This is
MS's official way to add this kind of utility to Windows and they're
less likely to break it than the taskbar. Also, the server version of
Win7 is 64-bit only, and this may well be the last and final 32-bit
client version. So we need to move to 64-bit as the core if we're going
to run as an Explorer DLL. (Gadgets free us from that requirement, by
the way. )
> - Kim


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