Hi Charlie,

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 00:58, Charlie Russel <char...@scribes.com> wrote:
> The key to Bill's problems were the requirement for full administrative
> privileges, I'm sure. (I _thought_ that was called out in the readme,
> but maybe not. Have to look.) And the requirement that the setupx64.cmd
> file run from the same drive letter as your system drive. (or, more
> accurately, as your %programfiles% drive.)

Oh, there's a readme? I'd forgotten :-)

>> Sorry to hear about Windows 7. We could look into what's breaking, I
>> wouldn't give up so soon... :)
> Well, it's going to RC soonish, from the sounds of it. I had it on build
> 7000 (the widely available public beta build) on a machine that was an
> update from Vista where it was working. It loaded fine (but the colours
> are all different again, so we need to deal with that), but as soon as
> you clicked on it, Explorer crashed. Couldn't even unload it - the
> attempt would crash it and it would reload with explorer.

Crashes feel bad, but they can be caused by some minor glitch.

Let's see if we can debug it at some point, and figure out how bad it really is.

- Kim

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