Actually, in many ways, Win7 is better/easier than Vista. I'm really
looking forward to it being released. But for applications like ours,
it's really a challenge. 

I've had to mostly stop using DQSD. Not what I wanted, I miss it every
day. But it crashes explorer in Win7, and I can't run it off the
terminal server without running a full desktop session. And I'm using TS
RemoteApps for most things these days. 

I'd really like to see us have a Vista/Win7 gadget for this. It would
get us out of the UAC issues, get us off the taskbar (where MS doesn't
like anyone else to play), and give us some version neutrality. But
while I don't think it is a huge developmental hit, it's way more than I
can do any more.


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> Subject: Re: [DQSD-Users] DQSD Install Problems - Vista 64
> Hi Charlie,
> On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 10:37:53 -0800, you [Charlie Russel] wrote:
> }That should work. At least it did here. (and no, I'm now on Win7 and
> that breaks it again. I've about given up. Unless we create a Gadget
> for Vista/Win7, I think we're doomed to be playing hopeless catchup.
> Thanks for the info, Charlie.  I've now got it working, thanks to Kim,
> on Vista 64.  I'm beginning to regret ever leaving XP 32 for this PITA
> system!  I don't even want to think about the place that you are at
> now!
> --
> Bill

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